MHVR was recently invited to our friendly local Audio / Video store (Update TV) for a seminar on 4k Television – although this is not necessarily vinyl related news, I love meeting with fellow audio / video lovers, and as well, it gave us a chance to browse around their store and check out their very high-end turntables and audio equipment πŸ™‚

Store Front Update TV

Update TV has some seriously high end equipment and they also happen to have my favorite speakers – mbl. I think these speakers cost more than my 2 cars put together.

High End Turntable Room
mbl Room

I got the chance to meet and talk with the staff as well as David Susilo the presenter. I used my charm to convince David to write a short blog article for us and I will be posting it shortly. David is a kind soul and a true movie and vinyl music lover. Its nice when you can talk with like-minded audiophiles/videophiles and share your love of your hobbies.

In an unusual turn of events, I did manage to win the grand prize of the night – a pair of expensive headphones courtesy of Update TV – by answering all the questions at the end of the seminar correctly – it pays to pay attention! What did I learn? Well, I learned I need a new 4k TV after seeing the new TVs on display there. I also realized I need a new 4k projector too, so I can continue to watch my 3D movies – for some reason TV manufacturers think no one wants 3D anymore!? I also learned that I need to look into getting “transducers” for my home theatre couch instead of upgrading my sub-woofer. I don’t know much about transducers, but that’s Update’s job to educate me. Maybe I can convince them to let me demo them and post my review here πŸ˜‰

Here are a few pictures of the mouth watering turntables they had on display….

Starting with the more entry level turntables we have our favourites the Rega Planar 2 and 3 – new players from Rega which have been getting great reviews but at a bit higher price point now. Rega offers turntables that perform extremely well at reasonable prices – these are definitely audiophile quality that will give you years of enjoyment:

Rega Planar 2 & 3
New Rega Planner Turntables

Ooops! I may have to call Update TV – I forgot to write down the name of this gorgeous turntable – my bad!

Nice turntable
Unknown Turntable

Here is a wonderful turntable from Transrotor. It is not a household name in North America (yet) but audiophiles will know the name. Transrotor is a German company and they have been making high quality turntables for over 40 years. They are definitely in the high-end category! This model in particular reminds me of a porsche 911.

High End German Turntable
Transrotor Turntable

The time flew by and before I realized it I was the last one in the store except for the staff. I don’t get out too much because of my tight schedule with Must Have Vinyl Records and my posse of young children but it was time well spent.

I have to thank Update TV and their co-sponsor for the excellent food and drink provided.

Update TV Display
Big TV & Awesome Food

I really do appreciate it when companies put in the effort to do events like these, because they do take time and effort away from their main work. Update TV in particular put in tremendous effort for the TAVES show (RIP) the last 3 or 4 years being a main sponsor with a huge presence at the show. Drop by Update TV and browse around if you live in the GTA area of Toronto, they are really awesome there – they are called Update “TV” but they are just as strong in audio and have lots of vinyl rigs to demo. You can check them out at

I look forward to the next event they hold and will report back again.

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