Ok – so TAVES was cancelled, and we are all very upset – it was Toronto’s show, we didn’t have an A/V show for many years, and then TAVES came along, and it was great – so many retailers, so many distributors, so many manufacturers, location was great in downtown Toronto easy to get to by transit, great restaurants, lots to do after the show hours … but unfortunately, things did not work out the way we had hoped for this year. We want to personally thank the TAVES organizers for giving us audiophiles a great show to look forward to for the last several years – it was amazing while it lasted.

But there is light on the horizon, AUDIOFEST! A successful show from Montreal announces a Toronto show!

So, because of the recent TAVES cancellation, MHVR will not be selling vinyl at the Audiofest show. But we will be there, and we are very excited….we love turntables and the number of quality tables available now is just fantastic for vinyl lovers. Last year at TAVES we were really blown away by some of the high-end-but-still-affordable turntables we demo’d — TriangleArt – Beautiful Turntables and Acoustic Solid – Amazing Sounding Turntables , our very own Canadian Bryston – Only the Best, and so many more …

The show starts October 19th and runs to October 21st
We hope that you will check back and we will post pics of all that we have seen at the show. Do we sound excited? We are! We hope you come to the show too if you are in the area – first person who spots us and says hello will receive a coupon code for one free album from our store up to $40 value.

It is a great time to be a vinyl lover.

Thank you all for your support of our online store and the charities we support. John from Must Have Vinyl Records.

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