Must Have Vinyl Records ships Vinyl Records across the USA and Canada and so it is important as your Online Record Store that you receive your Vinyl Records in perfect condition.

For new customers who may be interested in knowing how Must Have Vinyl Records packs your records, we prepared some photos. We know it is important to our customers how their albums are prepped for shipping, because we also worried about that when we used to purchase albums. The packing shown below is for 1-3 single albums, and we have other even higher protection boxes for larger album purchases which have more weight. We hope this helps anyone who is interested and feel free to ask any questions via our contact form. Thanks, MHVR

The box we use for 1-3 albums has a special 1″ protective barrier on each side to prevent side damage.
shipping mailer box

The records come with our 3mm outer sleeves – these sleeves are good for single and double albums only. Not shown, but also included in all record purchases from MHVR are original MoFi inner sleeves for each LP.
record and outer sleeve

The album is then wrapped in bubble wrap for extra protection – and then finally inner and outer cardboard panels are placed on either side of the record to minimize puncture damage.
record bubble wrap
cardboard protector

And finally, the entire box is taped at all seams, our shipping label is placed over the main seam to prevent tampering and opening, we place fragile labels and our mailing address.
finished shipping box

As mentioned, for larger album purchases we have even more heavy duty packaging, so rest assured you will receive your purchase in excellent condition.

Stay tuned for our coverage of Audiofest 2018 – we heard some amazing stuff at the show, vinyl had a great showing there, though we wish there had been more turntables being demo’d. MHVR


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