Turntable Tweaks

Coming Soon – A new series of articles investigating the real or imagined improvement in sound from well known turntable tweaks!

Follow us over the next several weeks, as we test different tweaks to our base Rega RP1 turntable to see if we actually can improve the sound! Manufacturers make their living selling you audio equipment with the promise of improved sound, but does it really make a difference? We will be looking at turntable clamps, platter mat materials, cartridge upgrades, dedicated phono pre-amps, dedicated stereo pre-amps versus multi-channel home theatre pre-amp/processors, isolation feet, and the cheapest tweak of all – playing the turntable with and without the dust cover on.

Right now we are in the middle of testing turntable platter mat materials which are often advertised as having an impact on the sound quality. In fact, Rega used to include an upgraded fibre mat with its performance pack for the RP1 (hard to find anywhere except maybe on eBay or in Europe!). We have for testing the original Rega fibre mat, a high quality leather mat, a mixed material fibre mat that we obtained at a Montreal audio show from VPI (the famous turntable manufacturer), and a pure cork mat. Check back soon for our summary of what we heard as we embark on this journey searching for audio nirvana!

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