Want to know about Must Have Vinyl Records?

The Company

Must Have Vinyl Records is a privately owned Canadian family business, created for the love of vinyl music.  Digital music never satisfied us, and our goal is to spread the joy of vinyl music to others to re-ignite a love of music and the joy of collecting physical media.  We personally love listening to music, reading about audio equipment, going to audio video shows, and just talking about all things vinyl and audio with our friends.

We want to be your first choice when you purchase vinyl records and we want to earn your loyalty.  We value reputable and trustworthy companies with good service and we want to ensure our customers feel that way about us as well.



Must Have Vinyl Records is located in the greater Toronto area of Ontario, Canada – its cold, but our central location gives us very good proximity to most of the large Canadian cities and into the Eastern United States.



If you have any questions, please fill out our contact form (link at bottom of page) and we will reply as quickly as possible.

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