Must Have Vinyl Records FAQ – Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, hopefully this covers your question. If you have questions not addressed here, please click to contact us: Contact MHVR

I am from USA – does Must Have Vinyl have Records For Sale in America?

Absolutely, Yes! Must Have Vinyl is located right on the border of Canada and America in the most populous zone in North America. Our US customers benefit from their buying power of the US Dollar – typically you will save more than 35% on the prices we are showing on the exchange rate gain. Our delivery times to the USA are fast and you are not subject to any Canadian sales taxes. Our prices are in Canadian dollars but Paypal will make the adjustments for you so you know exactly how much you are paying in US$. We have many satisfied customers in the United States shipping coast to coast from California to New York.

Do you sell to international customers?

Unfortunately, at this time, we only serve Canada and the continental USA. Perhaps one day in the future we may consider this, but right now, we are focusing our best efforts to serve our North American customers the absolute best we can.

Why does MHVR only process through Paypal?

MHVR knows that these days even the most protected online retailers are at risk for security breaches.  For this reason, we put our trust in Paypal who specialize in online payments, and this allows us to not store any credit card information on our databases.

Why does my CART get cleared when I pre-order an item?

MHVR is looking for ways to resolve this issue, however, our ecommerce software provider has determined that each pre-order must be processed separately to avoid conflicts and incorrect billing.

What is a Backorder? What happens when a product is showing as available on backorder?

Backorder items are items we do not have in our inventory but we can obtain from our distributors and fall into 2 categories: 1) they are available and instock with our distributors when we last updated our inventory; 2) on backorder at the distributor. Only items that are showing in stock with our distributors are shown as available on our website and can be obtained fairly quickly but will add 4-14 days to your order time depending on our order cycle during the week and are extended during statuatory holiday periods. Items available to order from the distributor but they have no current stock can take longer and in some cases may be out of print – we don’t show these on our website. If you are unsure of a specific item status, you may contact us at to inquire and we will assist to determine availability and timing.

What if there is a specific album I want not shown on your website? Can I special order it?

Yes! You can special order items not shown on our website. Please email us at with the specific album you are looking for and we will contact our distributors to see if we can obtain it for you. We will let you know if it is available and the price – then you decide if you want us to order it for you. Its that easy! We are here to help – we know that there are always going to be customer favorites and we can’t carry every album, but we can search for you and try and get you what you want. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and there is no obligation to buy if the price is not to your liking.

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