Why choose Must Have Vinyl Records?

There are alot of online record shops on the internet for buying new vinyl LPs, so why choose Must Have Vinyl Records? What makes us different from other great stores online?

Let’s start with Shipping. Must Have Vinyl has Free Shipping when you buy 3 or more albums (*some remote exclusions apply – see Terms and Conditions). Other Canadian and American online record stores have those options too, but the difference is that Must Have Vinyl does not use the lowest cost shipping method with incredibly long delivery times – We only use ExpressPost for 2 business day delivery* in Ontario & Quebec, and Expedited Parcel for other provinces in Canada and the United States (4-7 business days*). Take a look at the small print for other sites and you will see that the delivery times typically are much longer (7 days up to 14 days). You should take that into consideration when choosing your vinyl record shop. If you are like us, you want your stuff as soon as possible as well as the most cost effective manner.

Personalized Service is something that Must Have Vinyl takes very seriously. No one wants to be thought of as a number in a computer database. We are here to help with questions, assistance on orders, buying advice on vinyl LPs, accessories, turntables as well as other audio equipment that will suit your needs (even if we don’t sell some of the items we recommend). Our goal is to bring the joy of music to everyone and ensure they are getting the best possible sound from their record collections. We are a family owned and operated company, you will get to know us very well over time and you won’t be dealing with a different person everytime you contact us. We want to be your first choice for your online record store and we will work hard to give you the best possible buying experience.

Being centrally located in Toronto, Canada puts us in the centre of the largest populated region in North America. If you don’t believe me, check this out! This allows us to ship cost effectively and quickly to most parts of Canada and the United States. Being in Canada, our US customers benefit from the buying power of their strong US dollar.

6 month price protection** – MHVR does not like the uncertainty of buying something and then finding out it went on sale a month later, and we believe that would be the same for our customers as well. We will ensure that should an item go on sale on our website within 6 months of your purchase date from us, you will receive a refund for the difference in price between what you paid and the sale price. This will give you the satisfaction of knowing you got the best price you could on your purchase.

(*Shipping times quoted by our carrier Canada Post and quoted times are from when we get the order to the carrier which is typically 1 day or less depending on when the order comes in and the item is not a backorder. Orders received by 1pm EST are normally shipped same day.)

** Price protection policy effective for all purchases after August 1, 2020. Protection lasts 6 months from the date of purchase.